About Us

Who We Are?

Everything is for health!

With our 20 year experience and veteran staffs we are serving for both health sector and human health.

With extra quality, extra care, extra reliability, and extra convenience, we are adding extras to the market with our products.

With our products that stand out in terms of quality, fast delivery, and price-performance, we meet the needs of the industry.

Our perspective, always aiming for the highest standards, brings us many advantages such as customer loyalty and trust. 

Why Addex Medical?

Germany, Holland, USA

Addex Medical stay in Germany, Holland, USA has adopted itself as a vision to become a leading company in sector with an understanding based on customer satisfaction, continuous development, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management approach, compliance with technological developments and sharing.

Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level in order to be the best in the field of services we provide; ensuring the quality of life and the use and follow-up of the newest technology in the related fields; adds new values ​​every day with an understanding that continues without stopping; Instead of the “quality product and service for a certain customer” understanding, we are working day by day with the understanding of “quality product and service for everyone” and developing their partnerships; aiming to keep employee satisfaction at the highest level and alive as well as occupational and worker safety; we aim to be a company that aims to be an example for them, one step ahead of the companies in the field of activity.

How We Do?

Extra quality, extra care, extra reliability, extra convenience

  • To introduce products at international standards that aim to protect human health and provide treatment in the domestic and local markets
  • Continuous and balanced growth, our customers' satisfaction and health
  • Respect the environment and society while meeting their expectations from the sector
  • It is to offer our advanced technology products to our healthcare institutions with excellent service quality with our well-equipped and trained staff